Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Let's Be BFFs!

This post is generating quite a bit of response on livejournal so I figure I should post it here as well:
First off, my mom works in a library in a small Idaho town called Mountain Home. The library has just recently reopened after an extensive remodeling and expansion project. Due to the expansion, my mom now has space to put together a small zine library for folks in the area who may be interested and to spark interest in indie publishing for those who may have never heard of such a thing. Maybe you don't realize how incredibly awesome this is: a zine library in a small Idahoan town in the middle of the desert. It may be the only zine library of its kind in the entire state (I don't know though, so someone can correct me if I'm wrong). Anyway, you should send me your zines so that I can give them to her to put in the library. It's an opportunity for your zine to be exposed to people who may be totally new to the idea. And it could also be a continuation in your plans for world domination.
Also, I am starting up a mini-distro of sorts. I haven't decided yet exactly what it will amount to, but I'm looking for zines and things to carry nonetheless. The zines I am looking for are of a semi-specific (but also fairly broad) genre. I want to distribute zines that are similar in content to my zine, The Juniper. Thus, if you do a zine or diy project about gardening, bikes/alternative transportation, cooking/food preservation, food politics, diy, sustainable living, eco-warrioring, treehugging, eco-villages, organics, permaculture, biodynamics, greywater, seed saving, sewing/knitting/crafting or anything up that alley, you should definitely get in touch with me and we'll talk.
Send your zines for the zine library and zines for distro consideration along with anything else you feel like mailing to:
Dan Murphy, PO Box 3154, Moscow ID 83843
School is almost out for summer, but not forever.

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