Sunday, May 28, 2006

"normal is weirder than you would care to admit"

I read lots of zines this week (week ending 5/27/06) due to extremely slow days at work and sleepless nights. Here is the list:
-Assassin & The Whiner #15
-ladypajama is... #17
-Glossolalia #6
-How To Skin A Cat #3
-BCN (bicycle commuting now) #2
-The P.R.A.N. #1
-Checkered Past #13
-Barrelhouse #2
-Just Like A Gemini zine
-Jen Pillosophy zine
-Penny Sentinel zine

It's been a rainy, cold and cloudy week. I haven't done much in my garden, but I did spend a good part of Saturday helping out at the organic farm. We planted leeks and several varieties of onions. There was a lot more that needed planted, but it was cold and rainy and the ground was so hard it took us most of the time just get a few rows ready for the onions. Rain is good, but if the soil is really clay-ey and lacking in organic matter it just clods up on you, and that was the case out at the farm.

PETA recently announced the winners of this year's "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" award. The winners are Prince and Kristen Bell. I'm not at all a fan of Prince, but I will publicly (though hesitantly) admit that Veronica Mars (a TV show in which Kristen Bell stars) is one of my guilty pleasures. I don't actually watch TV (mainly because I don't get any channels where I live), but I rented and watched the entire first season on DVD, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, so there. That whole sexiest vegetarian contest is lame anyway, and PETA is really getting on my nerves lately, so whatever.

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