Monday, June 19, 2006

A Distro Is Born

A Distro Is Born
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Okay so... the big news is that I am launching a new distro. It's called Carrot Row Distro and I'll be distro'ing zines that deal with subjects similar to my zine the Juniper (i.e. gardening, cooking, sustainable living, bikes, eco-warrioring, diy-ing, ect.). So far I have a few zines in stock, but it will take me a couple weeks to get prices and things set up for them. I am in the process of moving, so this project is being delayed momentarily. But as soon as I have more details I will let you know.

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mry said...


my name is mary & i just moved to pullman. can you fill me in at all on the zine scene in the moscow/pullman area? my old housemate (taylor of always had tons of zines around for me to get into, but i'm having a hard time tracking any down around here. i'd love to know what you've got and what you recommend and where i can find some.

thanks so much!