Monday, June 19, 2006

"sometimes bird poop tastes like candy"

I read a few more zines this week, okay? Here is the list for week ending 6/17/06:
-Erik & Laura Marie Magazine #37
-Unless Indicated #8
-Artichoke #5
-Artichoke #10
-Carbon & Carbide #2

I found a new apartment, and I will be moving in this week. It's very tiny but also very cheap. The best thing about it is that it's closer to school and work and I will not have to climb over a giant hill on my bike 2 or 3 times a day.
I took more pictures of my garden. I will try to get them posted on my flickr page this week for all to see. I posted some pictures of the radio station that you should check out for sure. Next I will try and get some photos of the farm.
I have a new favorite magazine. I have seen it at the co-op a few times and flipped through it, but this time I went ahead and bought myself a copy mostly because it's the music issue. Maybe you have heard of it; it's called Herbivore Magazine. It mainly deals with vegetarianism/veganism, but in a much cooler way than other similarly themed megazines do. You should check it out...especially the current issue because they have some great interviews in there. I am still in the process of reading it.
Oh yeah...check out the post below for the big news.

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robotmadder said...

I have never known bird poop to taste like candy.