Thursday, August 03, 2006

"it must be thursday. i could never get the hang of thursdays."

Carrot Row Distro is now open for business.
It's true. These are the zines that I carry and the prices:

Spat Back #3 ($1) – (Re)embracing punk rock & feminism. A break through after a break up. How to make a bag out of an old pair of trousers. Pancake recipe. Optimism & self-esteem. DIY stenciling. Unschooling/educating yrself into action.

Axis of Evil Banquet ($2) - America loves war … but who are we killing? Real people with vibrant cultures who deserve to be acknowledged and validated. Learn more about the people in Iraq, Iran, Korea and Venezuela & come to a better understanding of what imperialism & warmongering are really destroying. Includes recipes from each of the aforementioned countries.

The Anarchists Victory Garden ($1) – The basics of starting your own small garden. Great for beginners & amateurs. Primer includes: building, planning, planting, watering, harvesting, pests, fertilizer and more.

CROQ #4 ($4) – Leading zine of the craft revolution. For all types of crafters & DIYers. In this issue: sell your handmades, open a retail shop, self-publish your book, retro-craft, re-use old clothes, get married inexpensively, start an alternative art center and zine library, go veggie, make compost tea and much more.

The Juniper (stamp for latest issue) – Gardening, farming, bike riding, slow and sustainable living.

Elephant Mess ($1 for latest issue) – Personal zine, but not in the journal sense of the term. More like a long, drawn out, prose-like soliloquy. Trying to make sense of life and the world.

Brown Rot #9 ($1) – Back from the dead. Nestle boycott continued. Smash Technology. Lisa Smith interview. Beyond Recycling. Francois’ artwork.

Prices are postage paid, but stamps are a nice gesture (especially when ordering multiple zines). I am also on the lookout for more zines, etc. to carry so please send your stuff if it is at all related to things like bike riding, skateboarding, gardening/farming, self-sufficiency/sustainability, eco-warrioring, crafting, cooking/canning, permaculture/biodynamics, seed bombing, greywater, passion and compassion, etc.

Orders, letters and zines can be sent to:
Dan Murphy
PO Box 3154
Moscow ID 83843

I can receive money through paypal, too:
Just make sure to include the stuff you are ordering in the comment box.

More good news:
German competitors have sent Wal-Mart packing. Wal-Mart suffers at least a billion dollars in losses. Too bad they are still so monstrous and devious (read the article to see how they plan to cut their losses through tax breaks).

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